Ultra HD reference

Our NEXTMesh EUROPE series is the only one to date offering a native resolution of 4,75 meters, allowing the most accurate rendition of terrain relief !

Most of mesh products are based on 38 meters, even 19 meters data resolution, but only our NEXTMesh EUROPE series dramatically increases resolution over entire countries !


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Full europe ultra HD for FSX and P3D

NEXTMesh EUROPE products cover most of Western Europe countries with a division into 7 “ULTRA HD”, 4.75 meters resolution areas, and one HD bundled product grouping all areas but with a HD resolution of 19meters.

Nextmesh Europe series

Our NEXTMesh EUROPE Ultra HD series includes following products : France, Spain & Portugal, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Benelux, Swiss & Austria, as well as a the Whole Europe HD Bundle product with 19 meters resolution.

FSX-SP2 / FSX:SE / P3D V2.0 up to 2.5

Each of our NEXTMesh EUROPE product comes with a bilingual English/French installer for FSX and P3D which automates the installation process and updates the scenery library !

easy integration and compatibility

The NEXTMesh EUROPE series comes with an automated installer and is compatible with all types of sceneries installed on your computer !

Furthermore if other lower resolution Meshes are already installed, FSX optimizes the rendering giving priority to the most accurate which is our NEXTMesh EUROPE Ultra HD series.

Full Europe version

To complete your environment and save some money we packaged a “light” bundled version for whole Western Europe with a 19m HD resolution designed from ultra HD data !

This global Europe version provides a quality HD Mesh throughout whole Europe and can be locally supplemented by Ultra HD products.